In-House Counsel

Corporations are increasingly finding value with robust in-house law departments. Solomon Search Group understands the importance of identifying the ideal talent to support the corporation’s goals. We know that an effective in-house counsel can play a vital role in your company’s legal department, and we never lose sight of that in our search for the right candidate.

We recognize that each company has unique requirements for their corporate counsel. While one corporation may want a highly experienced attorney that can ultimately advance to general counsel, another corporation may seek a junior, well-credentialed attorney that can quickly learn the company’s operating procedures. Solomon Search Group has a successful history of placing all levels of talent within law departments. Our recruiters are legal professionals that work with your decision-makers to gain an in-depth understanding of the qualifications you are seeking. We use this profile as the platform for our industry-specific search, working with you throughout the process to ensure we are giving you only the best candidates and refining the search as necessary.

SSG-legal recruiter