We Specialize in Matching Top Sales Performers with World-Class Sales Organizations!


Let Us Find the Exclusive Sales Elite You Seek!

Do you wonder why it is still so hard to find top sales professionals?
The reason is simple; amazing salespeople are not actively looking for new opportunities, applying to job postings, and leaving their resumes in databases. They are doing well, making money and comfortable. Sales organizations all over the country struggle to find them and end up hiring the best they interview, not the best fit.

So how do you find “the cream of the crop,” tell them about your opportunity, and hire them?
That’s what we specialize in. We are experts at sourcing top sales talent and matching them with best fit opportunities. Our recruiters will know your company, your culture and what makes your offering attractive, and by thoroughly understanding the total package, find your perfect hire. Our resourceful sales recruiters know where to find the best of the best, how to message them, and effectively determine whether or not they are “the one” for you. We don’t force the fit or send you candidates that “might” be right. We only work with sales talent that is at or above 100% of quota and has a track record of blowing out their numbers. What other type of sales person would you want to hire? Certainly not the underachievers, that’s why we only work with the sales elite and know their backgrounds inside and out. As your strategic recruiting partner, our goal is to provide you with hires that will immediately impact revenue and have others asking, “Where did you find that Super Star?”


It’s All About You!

If you are a top performer, chances are you are currently working and not actively looking for a new opportunity, but you may want to know what other companies are seeking people like you and what they offer. Let us be your eyes and ears and represent you in the marketplace. Yes, you are doing well and surpassing your quota, but why not stay educated about other opportunities and determine whether or not they are a good fit for you? No job is perfect, so if another company is offering you something you aren’t getting now, whether it be top compensation, a better location, work from home options, less travel, more travel, a leadership track…whatever the factor, we can tell you all about the market and help you decide what opportunities may be worth pursuing. Amazing sales people are in higher demand than EVER, so why not explore what’s out there and let us use our expertise to guide you in the right direction.

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