Document Review Teams

Document review is a vital component of large litigation, M&A due diligence and other critical matters. It is the most costly phase of discovery and, while advances in technology have improved workflow and made it easier to eliminate duplicate and irrelevant data, a skillful and experienced attorney review team is still indispensable. At Solomon Search Group, our goal is to assist our clients in reducing the cost and risk of document review by helping them to better understand the latest technologies and methodologies that impact a matter from start to finish. We are able to rapidly assemble teams to respond to time sensitive projects.

Our contract attorneys are all licensed and in good standing – a significant differentiator between us and our competition – and they are experienced in a variety of review and analysis tools. We personally meet with each attorney in our extensive database which is culled and updated continuously. Because of our expertise and longevity in the marketplace we know the best contract lawyers and therefore have minimum turnover on our project teams.

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