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A Wonderful Accolade From Our Business Partners ALASOFLA

  Just a brief update from the ALA diversity committee….. Good morning, friends. I want to share a success story with each of you from the D & I Committee. Many of you may know that our chapter has adopted Miami Carol City Senior High School (“MCCSHS”) by holding business workshops, advising the faculty of the Business and Information Technology (“BIT”) Academy, and serving as judges for the Future Business Leaders of America (“FBLA”) competitions. Well, in addition to these activities, one of the D&I committee’s members, Felice Solomon of Solomon Search, donated a $1,500 college scholarship to a graduating senior this year. Each applicant for the scholarship had to complete an application form, obtain two letter of references from teachers, complete and attached their volunteer log from their years in high school, and write a one page essay on what their future career plans were. In addition to this packet of information, each student’s high school transcripts were reviewed and their activity in the BIT Academy and FBLA were considered. Chrishera Smith was the recipient of our scholarship. Not only is Chrishera an excellent student and engaged in many extra-curricular activities during her high school years, she is a Silver Knight winner. Look for Chrishera’s picture in the local papers when the Silver Knight winners are published. I’m sure you join me in sending Chrishera best wishes in her future studies and career. A big THANK YOU to Solomon Search Group for its generous donation to this scholarship and to Felice for suggesting this as another way ALASOFLA can support the students at MCCSHS. As most of you... read more

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? That’s a question that I asked candidates all the time. When it comes to changes in career or changes in areas of law that you currently work in, that’s the key.

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The Job Search

Just when you think you have found the job that fits you, what you are looking looking for, the money you want to make and the opportunity you are looking for, someone else gets an offer.

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